Copy from the library of the Enlightenment philosopher Andre Morellet

BLOUNT, T.-P. Censura celebriorum Authorum sive Tractatus in quo varia virorum doctorum de Clarissimis cujusque Seculi Scriptoribus Indicia traduntur …… Editio nova; cui accessit judiciorum vernaculo sermone, sive anglicus sive gallicus, sive demum italicus is fuerit in priore exhibitorum accurata in latinum translatio, cum indice locupletissimo. Geneve, Samuelem de Tournes, 1694. With title vignette & title printed in red and black. [8], 1063, [7] pp. 4to. Contemporary blind stamped vellum, double fillet on sides with floral ornament in the corners, blind stamped ornament in the center, foot of spine with some loss.

€ 850

Graesse, Trésor de Livres Rares et Précieux, v, p. 414; Lowndes, i, p. 210: “An erudite work, much esteemed by the curious, …..” Second edition, first published in London, 1690. The 1690 edition gave all quotations in the original (French, Italian, etc.) languages, in this edition all these were translated into the universal scholarly language: Latin. A vast bibliographic compendium, giving extensive detailed entries containing reviews, reports and critical reviews: Censura here of course meaning “census” and not censorship. Among the numerous (around 600) authors (writers, lawyers, philosophers, men of science, etc., etc., and from the Ancients upto the authors own days) here surveyed we find among others: Aldrovandi, F. Bacon, Barclay, Bellarmino, Bembo, Boccaccio, Boccalini, T. Brahe, Calvino, Campanella, Cardano, Chaucer, Copernicus, Dante, Falloppio, Fernel, Galileo, Gassendi, Gesner, Grotius, Guicciardini, Harvey, Van Helmont, Hobbes, Jansenius, Kimchi, Lascaris, Lipsius, Lullus, P. Manutius, Melantone, Pico della Mirandola, T. More, S. Munster, Paracelsus, Petrach, Filelfo, Possevino, Rabelais, Sabellico, Sadoleto, Sannazaro, Savonarola, Scaliger, Selden, Tasso, Tritemio, Valla, Vesalius, Willis, Wycliff, Zwingli, and countless others. “It is a bibliographical dictionary of a peculiar kind, and may be described as a record of the opinions of the greatest writers of all ages on one another” (DNB, ii, p. 718). “His Censura Celebrium Authorum was first printed at London, 1690, fol. and was reprinted at Geneva, 1694, 4to, and 1710, 4to. This compilation, a work of great erudition and labour, is well known to the critic and the literary historian, but cannot be compared, as Niceron has attempted, with Baillet’s Jugement des Savans, Baillet reporting the opinions of others in his own words, but Blount transcribes them literally, which adds considerably to their value” (Alexander Chalmers, General Biographical Dictionary, vol. 5 pp. 427-429). Handwritten marginalia on pages 120 and 194. Provenance: copy from the library of André Morellet, enlightenment philosopher, economist, academic, encyclopedist and reformer, with his bookplate on front paste-down.